Jamie Lee Curtis reacts to the controversial cover of Karol G magazine

The singer Karol G became a trend on social networks, after pointing out that GQ magazine abused editing on her face and body

Through her Instagram account, the recent Oscar winner applauded that the Colombian is raising awareness about self-love and the acceptance of all types of bodies.

The actress published the cover and accompanied it with a powerful message, which was joined by dozens of her followers. “I’m so happy that @karolg is raising awareness about an issue that has troubled me for a long time. We are human beings,” she began the post.

“We are not AI and this genocide against the naturally beautiful is alarming and must be talked about. There are some people who talk a lot like @_justinebateman_ and @andiemacdowell and I, and I’m very encouraged that a younger person joins the chorus of disapproval,” added the Hollywood star.

After GQ magazine published its recent cover, the artist shared a message in which she disapproved of said publication, assuring that she did not authorize it to come to light.

“I don’t even know where to start this message… Today my GQ magazine cover was made public, a cover with an image that does not represent me. My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that, and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look naturally. I appreciate the opportunity magazine because I was very happy when they confirmed that I would be there, but despite making clear my disagreement with the number of editions that they made to the photo, ”says the statement from the reggaeton singer.