Jamie Lee Curtis Says Goodbye to the ‘Halloween’ Saga

The actress spoke about how complicated it is to say goodbye to the role that launched her to stardom, but she wants to explore new professional paths

Halloween Ends, the latest installment of the popular horror franchise that started back in 1978 at the hands of the legendary John Carpenter, premiered this Wednesday in Mexican theaters. Jamie Lee Curtis brings to life for the last time Laurie Strode, a character who catapulted her to fame and with whom she has been linked, emotionally and professionally, for almost 45 years.

“It is very difficult to say goodbye to Laurie Strode, much more difficult than I imagined because there are many people who love this character very much,” confesses the actress in an interview with Europa Press.

An iconic character that has given her not a few joys but also, she acknowledges, even letting a tear escape, has taken her to places, emotionally speaking, “very hard and difficult”.

«What I will not miss is how hard our work is. I get emotional talking about it. It may not seem like it, but this is really hard work.

You live in a very intense emotional state during these roles”, explains Curtis who, despite assuring that she is not “one of those method actresses” who needs to be called by her character’s name throughout filming, highlights that when facing papers like these «you carry a lot and you carry many feelings on you».