Jane Fonda launches controversial confessions at Cannes Film Festival

Jane Fonda, the legendary American actress and activist, took advantage of a meeting with the audience at the Cannes Film Festival to reveal some of her most intimate secrets, in which characters such as Robert Redford, Alain Delon, Michael Douglas and even René Clément, French director, appear. that he proposed that she sleep with him because he wanted to know what his orgasms were like and see if they worked for a character.

The meeting took place yesterday in the Luis Buñuel Hall of the Palacio de los Festivales of the French festival, in which the 85-year-old actress reviewed her prolific career and shamelessly shared some anecdotes that marked her life, including her three marriages, one of them with a French producer.
Fonda recalled that this production changed his life because it represented his first European film, which became quite an “adventure”.

About Michael Douglas, who received the Honorary Palme d’Or in this same edition of the festival, he said that “he has always cultivated public relations, but not friendships. That is why he has lasted so long in the business.”

The daughter of the legendary actor Henry Fonda also took a few minutes to talk about her activism, a conviction that was born in the 1970s and that she has never abandoned.
Finally, Fonda, who also made history in the 1980s by shooting an aerobics video that broke all sales records, shared the secret that keeps her gorgeous and radiant.