Janemar wants to have a little corner in the heart of Mexico

The singer Janemar creates the album “El Peluche” to give women a voice.

The Cuban singer Janelys Martínez Viu, better known as Janemar, based in the United States, talked about her album “El Peluche” and her single “Perro Trauma”.

“It is an album completely dedicated to women, each sentence, each thought is born to give voice to women who, like me, have something to say, so I feel at this moment as that symbol that has been loved for a long time, desired, pampered, admired, contrary to what I ever felt and I must also admit that stuffed animals are my weakness, I love them”. “I can tell you in advance that the songs that will make it up are: “Juguete”, “Primera Cita”, “Mala Ficha”, among others”.

She explained “El Peluche is a cry from today’s women about the things we experience day by day and through which we have all gone through, it tells us about the empowerment of women after growing up and closing chapters to give us second chances towards happiness with fresh rhythms and very danceable”.

When talking about her work team, Janemar said “I have a great team to whom I owe everything we have achieved, thank you all for trusting me.”

Regarding his single “Perro Trauma”, he stated “it narrates a moment in my life in which a man left me, humiliated me, made my days very difficult and after a while he returned seeking forgiveness because he did not find anyone better than me, Time passed and after the wounds were healed we decided to make this song, which marked a before and after in my career and which has many of us obsessed”.

Of Mexico, he declared “when I think of the country my eyes light up, because I have always seen it as that place that I would love to be a part of, some time ago I had the pleasure of visiting it and I fell in love with its people, its music, its The food, the service, the joy that is breathed, the affection of the people towards their artists, I think it is something that identifies him and makes me want very much to have a little corner in the heart of Mexico”.

When advising the new generations of artists, Janemar said “being honest I would warn them that it is not easy, so they need to be sure that music is their great passion, but if they are clear about what they want and it is what they love, that go for your dream with everything, the road is long but very beautiful, because you will grow and learn a lot, so enjoy every step you take and celebrate every achievement, no matter how small, those are the moments that are truly worth living.