Japan expelled a youtuber senator: he has not attended any session since he took office

Japan expelled a youtuber senator: he has not attended any session since he took office

A disciplinary commission of the Assembly of Japan -known as Diet- defined this Tuesday expel one of the members of the Senate for constant absenteeism labor. Is about Yoshikazu Higashitanibest known for his YouTube channel “GaaSyy”who he did not appear at any session in the seven months in which he was in office.

“The commission has reached this conclusion after discussing the matter considering the importance of the democratic electoral process (…) ‘GaaSyy’ does not understand the fundamentals of democracy, based on laws and rules”, explained the president of this commission, Mundo Suzuki after, days ago, he had summoned the parliamentarian to the headquarters to offer an apology in person for his faults.

However, the senator dismissed this last opportunity to redeem himself and absented himself from the plenary session, for which reason his dismissal was formally advanced and, now, will be replaced by the third most voted from the party list.

Yoshikazu Higashitani
Yoshikazu Higashitani refused to offer an apology in person at Parliament

With this decision, Higashitani became the first expelled from the Japanese Upper House who never appeared at the Legislative headquarters. The proposal was approved unanimously by the Government and the opposition, and will become official this Wednesday in a session of the Senate.

This is considered the most severe punishment that a parliamentarian can receive, in Japanese culture. He has only been employed twice since 1951 and this is the third under the current Constitution drawn up after World War II, according to local media reports.

Still, the news did not come as a surprise to many, who consider ‘GaaSyy’ a complete anomaly when it comes to the world of Japanese politics, where his past of addictions and wildness before becoming a youtuber, he does not agree with the traditional parliamentary codes.

‘GaaSyy’ has been upset by this decision since he assures that it goes against the will of his constituents, who put him in office in July 2022. Even his only party colleague, hamda satoshiargued that this measure is illegal.

Yoshikazu Higashitani
Higashitani was one of two members of the opposition party Seijika-joshi-48 seeking reforms in the license fees of public broadcaster NHK (Kyodo News/Sipa USA) (The Grosby Group)

Higashitani and Satoshi respond to the opposition party Seijika-joshi-48 – formerly known as the NHK Party – and whose agenda focuses on only one issue: reforms in the license fees of the public broadcaster NHK.

According to the Japanese press, the parliamentarian’s decision to refrain from work is due to his fear of being arrested on accusations of fraud and defamation by celebrities, which refer to his videos posted on the internet.

This has even led him to leave the country for United Arab Emirateswhere he had been residing for months, when his YouTube channel (with more than 1.3 million subscribers) it was closed.

Likewise, in recent days he reported on the Internet that he would travel to Turkey and that he planned to donate his salary to relief initiatives after the earthquake that shook several regions of the country.

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