Japan will increase its economic contribution to keep US troops in the country in the face of possible threats from China

Kishida and US commander in the Indo-Pacific extol the bilateral alliance (Issei Kato / POOL /)

Japan will increase its economic contribution for the maintenance of US troops in its territory from 2022According to diplomatic sources, an increase that had been generating friction since the Administration of former President Donald Trump.

It is expected that the agreement that will specify the amount of the increase will be reached before the Cabinet of the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, presents at the end of this month its draft general budgets for the fiscal year that will start in Japan on 1 April 2022, according to leaks to the Kyodo news agency.

According to sources, Japan considers it necessary to increase to some extent its contribution within the framework of the bilateral pact to assume the costs of the deployment of US troops in the country, extended this year, to strengthen its alliance in the face of possible regional threats such as those it interprets that may come from China.

Representatives of both countries resumed negotiations in this regard after Kishida’s trip to Washington in November and are now reviewing the economic amount of the increase.

The current conditions of the pact determine a contribution of 201.700 million yen (about 1.580 million euros or 1.785 million dollars) by Japan to cover expenses that include public services and salaries for Japanese personnel in US military bases in the archipelago.

Tokyo has been trying to avoid or minimize any increase in this contribution due to its complex financial situation, while Washington has been calling for an increase given the resurgence of tension in the Indo-Pacific region., especially due to the strength of Beijing and the weapons development of Pyonyang.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Xi's visit to Pyongyang
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Xi’s visit to Pyongyang (KCNA /)

The pressure on Japan to increase its contribution was accentuated during the term of former President Donald Trump, who was very critical of the conditions of similar pacts with other countries in the region such as South Korea, to which he asked to significantly increase their contributions. .

Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton recounted in a book Trump’s intention for Japan to increase its contribution by more than four times, to 8,000 million dollars,Although the Asian country is considering that this amount is not so large, according to Kyodo.

Japan is home to some 55,000 US military and related personnel, most of whom are stationed in the Okinawa archipelago (southwest).

(With information from EFE)


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