Jared Leto atop the Empire State Building to promote Thirty Seconds to Mars’ upcoming tour

  • “When I was young I wanted to be an artist and New York was the place and the Empire State Building was always that symbol for me,” declared the actor about the feat.

The renowned actor and singer Jared Leto achieved a new milestone in his life on Thursday by climbing a part of the famous Empire State Building in New York.

Leto stated that he felt more excited than nervous during the feat, and although it was more challenging than he originally thought, the satisfaction of watching the sunrise from the top of one of the world’s most iconic buildings was worth it.

And, beyond the courage and physical condition needed to perform a feat like this, the risks of suffering an accident are very real (despite having professional equipment to avoid any fatal unforeseen events).

Leto, 51, showed his left hand bloodied by the sharp corners of the Empire State Building. The Thirty Seconds To Mars vocalist climbed the east side of the building, from the 86th floor to the 104th, in an approximate time of 20 minutes, reaching almost 400 meters high.

Jared managed to climb to the illuminated part of the building and then overcome its three levels until he reached the base of the famous antenna, called the “ice shield.”

In addition to being the first person to legally climb to the top of the Empire State Building, Leto also received an unexpected surprise. “I got to the top and saw my mother in the window on the 80th floor, that was a pleasant surprise,” declared the celebrity.

Leto also linked his climb to the release of his recent studio album It’s The End of The World but is a Beautiful Day.