Jared Leto will play Karl Lagerfeld in new film

The famous actor Jared Leto will play Karl Lagerfeld in a movie tribute to the fashion designer

Jared Leto has stood out not only in the world of music, but he is also an actor who does what is necessary to characterize the characters perfectly and now the fans are excited because he will play the designer Karl Lagerfeld in a movie.

It should be noted that movie and fashion lovers will be fascinated by the participation of the talented Jared Leto in the film that goes beyond the biographical, according to the actor told the WWD medium.

“There are a multitude of relationships to explore. Karl had a career that spanned more than 50 years, so both personally and professionally he was close to a number of people. I can say that we will focus on the key relationships that convey different parts of his life, ”revealed the multifaceted Jared Leto.

It has also been highlighted that Jared Leto, in addition to acting as the renowned fashion designer, will be more involved in the film, since his production house Paradox will be in charge of managing the project.

With this project, the singer of the group “30 Seconds to Mars”, Jared Leto, plans to pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld with the film, since he considers him admirable and an inspiration.