Jenni Rivera’s daughter accuses Juan Rivera of threatening her

The singer’s youngest daughter blamed her uncle for what might happen to her family.

Jenicka López, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, announced through social networks that she was threatened by her uncle Juan Rivera, in the middle of the legal dispute they maintain over the inheritance of the deceased singer.

Jenni Rivera’s family has been characterized as one of the most controversial and media families in the show.

On this occasion, it is Jenicka López and her uncle, Juan Rivera, one of Jenni Rivera’s younger brothers, who are starring in a new scandal, as the young woman accuses her uncle and his wife of threatening their brothers.

Through her social networks, Jenicka López, accused her uncle, Juan Rivera, and his wife, Brenda Rivera, of having threatened her and her brothers.

This as a result of the financial audit, which was carried out in the companies of the late singer Jenni Rivera,

The singer Chiquis Rivera announced that there was an embezzlement of money, which would have been committed by someone close to her aunt, Rosie Rivera, who is responsible for the companies.

However, the lawsuit did not end with the audit, as Chiquis Rivera assured that Rosie Rivera was aware of this embezzlement; in addition to pointing out his uncle, Juan Rivera, of demanding a large payment from him.