Jenni Rivera’s father, Don Pedro Rivera, was captured as a street vendor in LA

The 79-year-old man seems very happy with his current girlfriend.


Don Pedro Riverafather of famous singers Lupillo, Jenni, Rosie, Juan and Gustavo Riverahas been caught working as a street vendor at the Alameda swapmeet, in Los Angeles, California.

Known for his career in music and for being the patriarch of a family of talented singers, the news that Don Pedro Rivera has been selling soluble coffee and preparing drinks in a market has surprised many.

Don Pedro Rivera He has had a notable career in the music industry. Originally from La Barca, Jalisco, he has been a singer, actor, composer, music producer and discoverer of artists who record on Cintas Acuario. He is known for his work with his daughter Jenni Riveraalso known as “The diva of the band“, and with his son Lupillo Riverapopular singer of regional Mexican music.

Money problems?

Although the news that Don Pedro Rivera has been working as a traveling salesman has sparked speculation about possible financial problems. However, the singer was allegedly in this place because he was helping his girlfriend in her business.

The presence of Don Pedro Rivera It did not go unnoticed and his fans quickly approached the singer to hear him sing a couple of songs, they also took the opportunity to buy the product he was selling.

@pedroriveraoficial #trabajo#x100preamor❤😍👫 ♬ original sound – Pedro Rivera

Through his official TikTok account, the Jenni Rivera’s dad, shared more details about the coffee that his partner sells, in addition, he showed videos where he is singing surrounded by his fans. Although users speculated that Pedro Rivera He was selling coffee due to financial problems, the truth is that he did it to support his partner’s business, showing a great act of humility and love towards his partner. Nataly Rodriguezwho is currently his girlfriend.

@pedroriveraoficial #fortalezayvida #cafe#cintasacuariomusic ♬ original sound – Pedro Rivera
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