Jéssica Esotérica attacks Paola Suárez and makes a lapidary comment: ‘What you reap, you sow’

Jéssica Esotérica was allowed to go with everything to Paola Suárez.


Jéssica Esotérica did not remain silent in the case of Paola Suárez, and in addition to launching strong criticism against the influencer, she also attacked the people who support her, but not other trans women attacked in Mexico.

In the midst of the intersections of statements between Paola Suárez and her ex-partner, José de Jesúswho accuse each other of assaults, JEssica Esotérica did not hesitate to denounce the “double standards” of some peopleas well as forcefully attacking the content creator.

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The Mazatlán-born psychic and broadcaster, who now hosts a successful radio show in El Paso, Texas, called reflection on the attacks and murders of which transgender women have been victims in Mexico without justice being done to them, instead of focusing only on the case of a public figure.

What did Jéssica Esotérica say about Paola Suárez? The psychic’s explosive statements generated controversy, although many also accepted that there is truth in her words.


Jessica Esotérica did not beat around the bush and, true to her style, started her controversial message with a shocking phrase: “I say things straight. “I don’t like putting balls on the tree and people don’t understand that we are sons of p…” she said.

“In San Luis they just found a dead trans girl, I don’t see her in all the news”

Through a video uploaded to his Instagram account, The trans psychic invited the audience to see other cases of murdered women from the community and that their cases were forgotten, the complete opposite of what happened to Paola Suarez because she is a public figure:

“In San Luis they just found a dead trans girl, I don’t see her in all the news, ah, but since she’s not from ‘Las Perdidas’, they care about… the other sisters. Do you know how many trans people have p…?, but since they weren’t from the Internet, no one peeled them”, questioned the announcer.

But it didn’t stop there: Jéssica Esotérica also had a message for Paola Suárez that soon went viral on the networks.


“What you reap, you sow (…) remember that Before this brat he brought another who was dedicated to selling himself on the streets, Christian, and now he raised this one“, another little boy who loves ‘tiki-tiki’… and now they put her as a victim, no sir, be responsible for your actions, because there is the audio where you are threatening the boy,” Jessica Esotérica exploded.

“Stop inventing situations, dating, you are not good for having a partner”

“It’s not worth it that now after you went around shouting all over León that you were going to kill everyone… and as all your neighbors say that you are aggressive and even more so when you’re drunk, What did you want, for the guy to stay by your side?“, assured the psychic, who addressed Paola Suarez in masculine.

“AND It was really cool to say that he was going to rob you, of course, since he doesn’t have a clan.…Stop inventing situations, dating, you are not good for having a partner,” continued Jéssica, who concluded her message with a strong reflection: “They make victims of the wrong people,” he sentenced.