Jimin from BTS would be preparing his solo debut

Jimin would be preparing his solo debut with an album that could be released in February according to reports.

Continuing with the second chapter of the k-pop group BTS, the current member Park Jimin could make his solo debut next February, when he would officially release his first solo album.

According to Korean media or k-media, BTS’s Jimin would release his first record material next month, “BTS’s Jimin is preparing to release a solo album in February.

Recently, he participated in the performance of Taeyang, a new song by the group BIGBANG, and it became a hot topic.

Following J-Hope, Jin, and RM, who previously showed a new side with their solo albums, Jimin is raising expectations about the type of music he will release,” a Naver article read.

Following these statements, the BIGHIT MUSIC company issued a statement revealing the following, “The release schedule will be revealed once it is finalized.”

However, it only took several minutes for ARMY to notice that the Universal Music Group (UMG) label followed Jimin on Instagram, which would mean that he was signed as a solo artist and the album will be released under that label.