Jimmy Fallon, the controversial host of ‘The Tonight Show’, turns 49 amid the scandal

Jimmy Fallon was born on September 19, 1974 in Brooklyn, New York.


Jimmy Fallon He turns 49 on September 19, embroiled in controversy after an explosive report published by Rolling Stone denounced the “toxic environment” that exists on “The Tonight Show,” the television program that made him famous.

On September 8, Jimmy Fallon’s name became a trend on social networks after Rolling Stone magazine published the testimonies of dozens of former employees and two employees who pointed out the popular comedian and television presenter for creating a “toxic environment” on “The Tonight Show”one of the strong cards of the NBC network.

Among the most serious accusations against Jimmy Fallon his alcoholism and his “violent character” are found which have even caused many people have contemplated suicide or will seek therapy to deal with the traumas that working with the presenter and comedian caused them.

According to an official statement from the NBC network, Jimmy Fallon apologized to all his collaborators through a video call and promised to change his behavior; However, this September 19 looks so that the television host celebrates a different birthday, stained by the accusations. Who is Jimmy Fallon?


Jimmy Fallon, who turns 49 this September 19, is a popular comedian, actor, writer and television host born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1974.

From a very young age, Jimmy Fallon He had a great interest in comedy, television and the sketches of the program “Saturday Night Live”, which became his favorite; At a young age he began doing impressions of celebrities who soon became famous.

Graduate in Communication, and with a doctorate from The College of Saint Rose, Jimmy Fallon began his career with shows stand-up that they took him to various parts of the United States; Later, his sketches landed him on Saturday Night Live, first as an employee and then as a host.

He has acted in various films, such as “Taxi”, “Anything Else”, “Almost Famous”, “Fever Pitch”, “Band of Brothers”, “Doogal”, “Factory Girl” and “Whip It”.

In April 2013, NBC confirmed that Jimmy Fallon would be Jay Leno’s successor at the helm of the “The Tonight Show” as of February 17, 2014, a change that was received positively.

Since Jimmy Fallon has been the star host, “The Tonight Show” has topped the ratings; However, the accusations of “toxic environment” and “violent climate” have affected the reputation of the comedian, who now celebrates his birthday shrouded in a cloud of uncertainty.