Jimmy Hendrix and the gaucho: the new inspiration of the designer María Cher


Maria Cher’s winter season in 2016 is inspired by a conjunction of contrasts with very different characters that coexist in it. On the one hand, Jimmy Hendrix’s “glamrock” condiments and the opposite: the autochthonous imprint of the figure of the gaucho on our soil.

The presentation of Estudio Cher in Paseo Alcorta had many nuances: first, the presence of models and figures of Argentine fashion, who combined glamor and elegance to be in tune with this new campaign by María Cher, which expressed Infobae: “It is a collection that has a certain inspiration in the gaucho and the autochthonous. It also has a contradiction between the rocker of the 70s and the oxfords. The capes, the gold and velvet: it has the fusion of what to me likes to do”.

In the week in which a new edition of BAFWeek is being developed at La Rural, the exclusive designer presented the “country” typologies such as ponchos, girdles, hats and shorts that coexist with psychedelic and arabesque accessories in colors more in keeping with the icon of the rock. A palette where black and white prevail with some other shades not so strident such as melange gray, olive green or copper red.

This eclectic collection has a great fusion of textures because of the variety of textures such as leather, silk, cotton and cloth. In addition, the styling of this collection aims to highlight femininity through flowers and headscarves in conjunction with accessories with a great presence of metal such as toecaps, washers, XXL wallets, earrings and necklaces.