JK Rowling lashed out at the new Scottish first minister for his support for new gender legislation

JK Rowling

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has lashed out at new Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf over his support for controversial new gender legislation, which makes it easier for biological men to self-identify as women and thus have access to spaces only for women.

On her Twitter account, the writer posted, “Humza Yousaf is the boy who saw the skater in front of him disappear across the ice, but yells ‘look at me, everyone!’ as he staggers right into the hole.”

Rowling has attacked Yousaf in the past for his promise to protect women’s rights, accusing him of to back legislation that would have allowed rapists to be housed in women’s prisons, remember the British medium.

Humza Yousaf speaks after being announced as the new leader of the Scottish National Party in Edinburgh, Britain, March 27, 2023. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne
Humza Yousaf speaks after being announced as the new leader of the Scottish National Party in Edinburgh, Britain, on March 27, 2023. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne (RUSSELL CHEYNE/)

The author added in another tweet in response to the then Minister of Health: “What a beautiful pink heart. now tell us why did you vote against the amendment to prevent rapists from being housed in women’s prisons, Humza Yousaf”.

On that occasion Yousaf had posted a photo on his Twitter account in which he was seen holding a large cardboard cutout of a pink heart with the slogan: “Defending rights” after having committed to “promote women’s rights”.

This issue was one of the highlights in the midst of the campaign for the leadership of the SNP. In it, the current PM discussed the six steps he would take once in office, including improving support for victims of sex crimes and a gender-balanced cabinet.

The controversial bill

The gender recognition bill has been hailed as landmark legislation by transgender rights activists, but faced opposition from some SNP members who said it ignored the need to protect single-sex spaces for women, such as domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers.

Image of the Scottish Parliament.  REUTERS/Russell Cheyne
Image of the Scottish Parliament. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne (RUSSELL CHEYNE/)

Yousaf vowed to push through the bill, which passed the Scottish Parliament but was blocked by the UK government.

Applicants must sign a declaration stating that they have lived for at least three months identified with their new gender -six months in the case of children under 18-, instead of having to present proof that they have lived with their new gender for two years, as hitherto required by law.

“The purpose of this law is improve the process for those applying for legal gender recognition as the current system may have an adverse impact on applicants, partly because of the heavy requirement to provide evidence. The law establishes a simpler process, based on a legal declaration”, the Secretary for Social Justice, Shona Robison, described in a letter sent to Parliament.

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