JLo and Ben Affleck argue after the actor “reunited with his ex”

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck could have gone through a moment of strong tension, when they were caught “arguing” after the actor met with his ex-partner, Jennifer Garner.

It should be noted that the photographs where you can see the couple going through a tense moment were published by Page Six, and as soon as they came to light, speculation about problems in their marriage did not wait.

In the images that immediately became very popular on the internet, you can see JLo and Ben inside their car while they were in Los Angeles.

The cameras captured the couple in what appeared to be a tense moment, because according to their body language, they both looked uncomfortable, serious and made several gestures with their hands.

At one point, the singer looked angrily forward while the actor spoke to her and later turned to look at him with a serious look.

Despite the appearance in the photos, a source close to the couple confirmed exclusively to Page Six on Saturday that “there was nothing heated about their argument.”

However, there are already several media outlets that have claimed that the discussion could have been due to the fact that Affleck recently met with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, and one of his daughters.

And in said meeting, the 51-year-old actor was photographed hugging his ex-partner.