Joana Benedek reappears at 50: she marries in white and that’s how she looks

Joana Benedek, the villain of Emilio Larrosa’s soap operas, reappeared after a decade away from soap operas. She did it dressed in white at the age of 50, because she married Javier Vargas on November 4 in Mexico City.

The actress could not hide her excitement at joining the love of her life, at a wedding where no expense was spared. Sparklers, fireworks and a lavishly decorated room provided the perfect setting for the wedding.

Joanna Benedek invited some celebrities like Maribel Guardia, who came dressed in red to wish her friend the best.

Images of the religious wedding circulated on social networks, where Emilio Larrosa delivered it at the altar. It was a ritual by the Greek Orthodox Church.

Joana is currently away from television, but on social networks she shares motivational talks, in addition to promoting products that improve cell function and the immune system.

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