Joe Biden invited Juan Guaidó to his great summit of the world’s democracies

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó. File photo. EFE / Rayner Peña (Rayner Peña /)

The president of the USA, Joe biden, invited the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guaidó to summit of democracy leaders the world against authoritarianism, said Tuesday the head of US diplomacy for Latin America, Brian A. Nichols.

Nichols made these remarks at a Senate Foreign Committee hearing in response to the president of that entity, the Democrat Bob Menendez, who expressly asked him if the summit of democracies would have the participation of Guaidó, whom the US and other countries recognize as the interim president of Venezuela.

That is correct, Mr. President. And he (Guaidó) will be one of the announcers in that eventNichols replied. The summit of democracies will be held virtually between December 9 and 10, and will focus on three themes: the defense against authoritarianism, the fight against corruption and the promotion of respect for human rights, as explained by the White House.

Following this meeting, Biden will once again invite world leaders once again and after a year of consultations to see the progress made on their commitments. Heads of State, civil society, philanthropists and leaders of the private sector are invited to both appointments.

By holding these two summits, Biden intends to make one of the principles that guide his foreign policy a reality: the idea that the US should guide international efforts to fight corruption, defend democracies against authoritarianism, and protect human rights.

After arriving at the White House in January of this year, Biden decided to maintain the recognition of Guaidó as interim president that his predecessor, Donald Trump, expressed in 2019; But during these months it has not made Venezuela a priority of its foreign policy.

Rather, Biden has concentrated on China, which he sees as his great competitor for world hegemony.

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