Joe Biden proposed to Russia to talk to end the invasion, but the Kremlin rejected the conditions

US President Joe Biden (JONATHAN ERNST /)

The American President, Joe Bidenaffirmed this Thursday that he is willing to speak with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putinbut only to finish the war in Ukraine.

“I am willing to talk to Putin if he decides that he is prepared to look for ways to end the war,” he said at a press conference at the White House together with the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

Biden said that conversation with Putin would happen, hypothetically, in consultations with France and the rest of his allies in the NATO.

But so far, as he pointed out, the Russian leader has not shown signs that facilitate this exchange. “In the meantime, I think it is absolutely decisive, as Macron has said, that we support the Ukrainian people,” he added.

The US president stressed that Putin has erred in all his calculations made so far and in thinking that “he was going to be welcomed with open arms” by the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine.

“The question is, how is he going to get out of the circumstance he’s gotten himself into? I am willing if she wants to talk, ”she added in that appearance.

Likewise, the United States is not willing to recognize the Russian “new territories”, annexed last September, and this hinders the possibility of dialogue with Russia, the Kremlin spokesman said today, Dmitry Peskov.

The United States continues to not recognize Russia’s new territories. And of course, this makes it considerably difficult to find any common denominator that would make a joint debate possible, ”he said at a press conference, commenting on the statements made the day before by US President Joe Biden.

Peskov pointed out that, in fact, Washington conditioned the dialogue with Moscow to the complete withdrawal of Russian forces from all Ukrainian territory, noting that the Kremlin rejects this proposal.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov
Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov (EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA /)

“Without a doubt, the special military operation continues,” he added.

However, he insisted that Putin “has always been, is and will continue to be open to contacts, to negotiations.”

“The preferable way to achieve our goals is through peaceful and diplomatic means,” he stressed.

Biden said Thursday that he is willing to talk to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, but only to end the war in Ukraine.

“I am ready to talk to Putin if he decides that he is prepared to look for ways to end the war,” he said.

But so far, as he pointed out, the Russian leader has not shown signs that facilitate this exchange.

Macron stressed that it was Putin who wanted to start the war in February and that it is “legitimate” that the Ukrainian leader, Volodimir Zelenskyset preconditions.

“We will never urge the Ukrainians to reach a compromise that is not acceptable to them (…) because that would never build a lasting peace. If we want a lasting peace, we have to respect that the Ukrainians define the moment and the conditions in which they will negotiate on their territory and their future,” said the French president.

Their meeting, according to Biden, served to reaffirm that France and the United States stand together, together with their European allies, in the European Union and of the G7“against Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine”.

The US president admitted that he never thought the conflict would be so violent, but made it clear that Putin will not win.

“He thinks he can shatter the will of all who oppose his imperialist ambitions by attacking civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, choking power in Europe, driving up prices by exacerbating the food crisis. (…) But it will not be successful, ”he stressed.

They also reiterated their firm determination to hold Russia to account for well-documented atrocities and war crimes, and to continue to coordinate with other allies in sending aid to Ukraine.

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