John Morrison will return to AAA and fight against Son of the Viking

John Morrison announced his return to AAA in a fight for the mega-championship against Son of the Viking. (Photo: twitter / @ luchalibreaaa)

The Lucha Libre AAA took it upon himself to surprise his fans with the announcement of a highly anticipated comeback. Through a video on their social networks, Triple A presented John Hennigan, better known as John Morrison, as the first challenger to Mega championship of Son of the Viking.

After John Morrison got fired from WWE During 2021, the fighter remained inactive for a few months, due to a clause established by the company, in which his former workers cannot provide their services to other companies for 90 days. Despite his 42 years, his retirement from the ring seems distant. In fact, his fans were eager to see which company he would go to, Impact wrestling, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), if he would return to the independent or return to the AAA.

The answer has come and John Hannigan will return to the star scene of the Mexican company. To begin to develop his rivalry with the current champion, the Son of the Viking, he made fun of the young monarch during the video of his presentation. “Viking champion? What’s going on over there! I have to accept that I have heard many people say that you are a prodigy, and I do not think they are wrong, you know how I know? cause i was too, but now i’m a legend”.

John Morrison was fired from WWE in 2021. (Photo: <a class=twitter / @ TheRealMorrison)” height=”552″ src=”” width=”982″ />
John Morrison was fired from WWE in 2021. (Photo: twitter / @ TheRealMorrison)

The fight between John Hannigan and the Son of the Viking promises to be one of the best in the last years of the AAA. The owner of the mega championship have 24 years and is already considered one of the best exponents of wrestling. His opponent, Morrison, stands out for his aerial and athletic ability, so the show is assured. The fight will take place on February 19, 2022, at the Rey de Reyes event, in Veracruz.

Similarly, Hanningan continued to heat up the fight during his presentation video: “When I was your age, I wrestled with The Undertaker. When I was your age, I defeated Mistery King Y Eddie guerrero for the world championships in pairs. I was a prodigy and now I am a legend”, He stressed.

As if that weren’t enough, Morrison too demerited the way in which the Son of the Viking won the mega championship of the Triple A. This happened in Triplemanía Regia, in a fight of five participants. “You didn’t beat Kenny Omega (the true champion who could not compete due to injury). You defeated a bunch of kids. El Bandidito, Kalist … sorry, Samuray del Sol, the short one”.

John Morrison has been a Triple-A champion once.  (Photo: twitter / @TheRealMorrison)
John Morrison has been a Triple-A champion once. (Photo: twitter / @TheRealMorrison)

“On February 19, Viking, I will show you the difference between a prodigy and a legend. You see … this is my world, and you’re just living in it, ”Morrison concluded.

Thus will begin the second stage of John Hennigan in the Lucha Libre AAA. The first time he arrived at the Mexican company, he managed to raise gold on multiple occasions from 2015 to 2018. Suffice it to say that he He was already the bearer of the company’s mega-championship, medal that he once held. In the same way, he conquered the Latin American Championship, the World Cruiserweight Championship, and won the World Wrestling Championship in 2016.

The last step John Morrison had for WWE was 2019 to 2021. There were rumors that, after his return, there were big plans for the fighter within the company, however, this never materialized and he stayed most of his stay as the partner of The Miz. During this period, they conquered the Smackdown Tag Team Championship after defeating The New Day.

Now John will begin to write a new chapter in his career, seeking to regain a championship that he already won a few years ago, facing one of the great promises of wrestling in Mexico.


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