Jolette remembers when she was “brutally coerced” to leave ‘The Academy’

Rubí’s arrival at the final of ‘The Academy’ without being up to the vocal level of her peers inevitably recalled Jolette’s time in the reality show, where she was a television phenomenon and had the unconditional support of the public.

The conversation broke out on social networks and Daniel Bisogno was the one who sentenced: “If Jolette had decided to reach the final at the time, she would have won ‘The Academy’. Regardless of whoever is upset.”

Jolette responded and recalled what happened: “My precious Daniel, always grateful for your love and support. I was brutally coerced at the time, but I keep your love and that of the public. Wrong generation and production.”

Do you remember what happened in 2005?

With the support of the public, perhaps if the reality show had won, Erasmo Catarino would not have been the champion and Yuridia would have been relegated to third place… Nobody knows what would have happened.

But what Jolette says is true. Despite the support of the public, she decided to leave the contest shortly before the final after the teachers asked him to leave.

On that unforgettable night, the teacher Beth Castillo He raised his voice to apologize to Arturo López Gavito for Jollete’s behavior. “We know her well and we recognize her effort, however, those attitudes are reprehensible and all the teachers do not agree. We know Jolette, and we think she is no longer comfortable. It is clear that you are not singing well and I want to tell you that I do not agree with your attitude and I want to invite you, if you are no longer comfortable, to leave ‘The Academy’ tonight. I’m not doing it to disrespect Jolette, I’m just giving her an invitation and this is a singing contest, and as a singing teacher I’m frustrated to see that the public is supporting people who are not singers, and that at the expense of it, we are losing people”.

Beto Castillo asked him to leave “out of respect for the singing career, which is a profession of great respect, for the public and with the critics.”

So Jolette decided to leave: “I would have loved to leave with a song that would have gone well. Something that motivates me to withdraw is that I will no longer have the support of my teachers, obviously my presence bothers them… I’ve come a long way, I’m not leaving sad… (they cut the audio to his microphone)”, and immediately, he left the forum.

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