Jolette the contestant who has obtained the most votes in the history of ‘The Academy’

A Jolette no one beat her at the polls. She ended up invincible because she was never expelled from La Academia, but it was she who, after having beaten 11 singers of her generation (some of them even twice) decided to leave ‘La Academia’.

Throughout 19 chapters, Jolette was the target of fierce and rude criticism from two of the four judges of that 4th. generation of the simulated reality program: Arturo Lopez Gavito recommended that he dedicate himself to anything else except singing, courteous lolita he reproached him for occupying a place that someone who did know how to sing deserved.

illse Y Oscar Sarquizthe other judges were more benevolent with her but they all agreed on something: Jolette did not sing but her followers voted for her.

The votes, it must be remembered, were made by phone or through messages sent by the fans of the contestants during the transmission of each of the programs.

In the first episode of that fourth generation, the last to sing was Jolette and even so, she beat Anahí, who was the first expelled.

René, Karina, Óscar, Abyadé, Alan, Mario, Paula, Marco, Johanna Y Jose Luis… one after another they were defeated by the votes that Jolette got in each program and that provoked the anger of courteous lolita Y Arturo Lopez Gavito. “Don’t vote for Jolette anymore,” these judges came to ask.

In the seventh program, when the critics were already very harsh, Jolette He wanted to leave La Academia at the end of the program but he was not allowed: “You know you can’t do it,” the driver told him Alan Thatcher in the air.

But for program 19 the situation for Jolette was intolerable and indeed, before Tacher announce the vote that night and the expelled, decided to leave the stage and that night there was no one who could stop her.

It was so Jolette She became, without being a winner, the contestant who obtained the most votes for her salvation, without it being known until now if that expulsion envelope from the 19th gala contained her name or if, once again, she had obtained more votes than her opponents.