Jordi Martín accuses Piqué of almost running him over

With evidence, the paparazzi showed the scene

The paparazzi Jordi Martín, once again accused Piqué, because on this occasion, the famous man almost ran over him when traveling with Clara Chía. And it is that the journalist has been one of those who has given the most talk about the infidelities that the former footballer did against Shakira.

In the program El gordo y la flaca, Jordi Martín denounced that Piqué almost ran over him in one of his street coverage while he was with Clara Chía.

With evidence, the paparazzi showed the scene. In addition to showing how the couple -Piqué and Clara Chía- mocked him and made obscene gestures: “They both laughed at me, insulted me and even made obscene gestures,” he said. As if that were not enough, according to the paparazzi, Piqué called him to tell him everything until he was going to die.

“He called me even telling me that I’m going to die from evil, by the way, this is not the first time,” he said. In this sense, he commented that all he wants is that Shakira did not release a song against Piqué, because he looks very upset.

“From my heart I ask Shakira that this new song that she has done with Manuel Turizo is not dedicated to Gerard Piqué because, the poor thing, every time he sees me, he is extremely upset,” he concluded.