Jorge Campos’ strong criticism of the interests of the Mexican National Team

The Immortal kept the National Team’s goal for more than a decade (Photo: ALLSPORT / David Leah)

Jorge Campos has earned a place in the memory of all Mexican soccer fans, either for his great feats under the three sticks of the Mexican frame or for his epic narratives next to Cristian Martinoli, Luis García and Zague.

The former Acapulco-born soccer player has always maintained a charismatic profile with the public, but on this occasion, he spoke loudly about current affairs in Mexican soccer. The mythical goalkeeper is not surprised by the setbacks of the national team so far in the Concacaf tie heading to the Qatar World Cup 2022, because “the system of doing things is the same as always.” For Campos, the economic issue has always been prioritized over sports.

The Brody affirmed that the same thing has been done for thirty or forty years and the proof is that the MX League has multiple foreigners, he said in an interview with the sports network of ESPN.

“In my time there were four as a limit, but they were super high-level players who taught the boys to grow in football. We do not advance and we continue in the same way. If this continues, in the future there will be no players for the national team, we will have problems. There is no chance for the boys, they have no blanks “, he mentioned.

Goalkeeper Jorge Campos (1966)
Campos was the starting goalkeeper in the United States 94 and France 98 World Cups (Photo: Twitter / @HEstadodeMex)

The three-time World Cup winner with the Mexican team He also spoke and was clear in pointing out that the bad moment that the team led by Gerardo Martino during the tie is due to “all the bad planning of the four years, of all the years that there is and that there has been throughout all of Mexican soccer.”

Fields He added that “when this happens, we go against the coaches, against the players, and more about the coaches; this is our football that we have not understood that the most important thing is sports. And that has always happened, since I had the fortune to be in the National Team”.

The inmortal He also took advantage of the interview to make a call to the president of the Mexican Football Federation, Yon de Luisa, and to the owners of Mexican football to carry out certain modifications within the football field, because only in this way, Mexico can once again have a different and better path than today.

For the one selected as the third best goalkeeper in the world by the IFFHS in 1993, It is now time to do things differently to be able to go further in the World Cups, and he adds that in all the stages, including those that he lived, the tricolor team suffered within the playing rectangle during the qualifying rounds due to the loss of play.

Jorge Campos (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Jorge Campos hopes that the FMF will begin to do things differently (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Félix Márquez /)

Despite what was previously said by the former goalkeeper, he has no doubts that Mexico will be able to qualify for Qatar 2022, because “the rivals are taking advantage of the bad moment of the team, but in the home games” they will be able to recover.

Another of the former selected that raised their voices due to the current situation of the national team was Cuauhtémoc White, who assured that while he was in El Tri, this type of thing did not happen: “With me not (he used to lose), he went out upset on the bus and nobody spoke to me … Let’s hope they get the batteries again the Mexican National Team, they were in first and now they are in third, “said Blanco.


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