Jorge Enrique Abello and the day he had a shameful accident at the time of ‘Ugly Betty’

Jorge Enrique Abello maintains an excellent relationship with his followers, who do not forget his work in “Ugly Betty.”


We may not identify the name of Jorge Enrique Abellobut yes to the character that launched him to international fame: “Armando Mendoza”, the angry role he played in the soap opera “I am Betty, the ugly one” and that won him the affection of the public around the world, especially in his native Colombia.

Jorge Enrique Abello remains active in acting and also on social networks, where he does not miss an opportunity to interact with his followers and tell them all kinds of funny anecdotes that have happened to him. One of them is especially striking, as it dates from the time he was filming. “Ugly Betty”.


went through his official Instagram accountwhere he has more than a million followers, that Jorge Enrique Abello took advantage of the famous “TBT” trend to publish a video, dating from 2020, andn where he narrated a rather embarrassing incident that he cannot forget.

“One of those #TBT that reminds me a big fall Who has not had a fiasco happen to them for being funny?wrote the co-star of “I am Betty, the ugly one” to accompany the recording where he tells his tremendous “bear”.

“I was the last one left to climb the stairs. The flight attendants told me: ‘Now, get on’. At that time the controllers were women and they all went to ask me for an autograph. So, I stayed on the steps signing until the supervisor arrived, and he said: ‘I have four stopped flights, because nobody is signaling’ ”, Jorge Enrique Abello is heard saying.

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“I told him: ‘No, nothing; bye, the last one’, and I started to climb. But I decide to turn around, all ‘see you later girls’, and i fall When I get up, the flight attendants were choking with laughter; the others choked with laughter; the planes, all on the runway stopped. I was like, ‘Oh my God, Earth swallow me!’ ”, concluded the actor.

So far, the video has accumulated more than 250,000 views, with all kinds of comments where Abello’s followers show that the anecdote seemed funny enough.