Jorge Losa does have fans! We found them fighting on Twitter to defend it

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Jorge Losa has been the most criticized participant in The House of Celebrities on social networks and even experienced a dramatic episode this week when some people organized to go and shout at him from outside the house that they do not want him for “cheating”.

Losa usually goes to the cameras of The House of Celebrities to thank the “Losa battalion” for the support that he believes he has received.

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Now that the reality show is in its final stage, Losa is emerging as a contender to win and it seems that the members of his battalion have finally appeared, because some comments defending him have gone viral on social networks.

“All of Latin America is with you, Jorge! Up the sky, although it was small, it has a lot of heart”, wrote a Twitter user Emmanuel Páez, who assures that there is a team of automated users that generate trends in social networks in favor of Poncho de Nigris and Sergio Mayer.

That comment even sparked a fight on Twitter with the singer and influencer Elan, who is a follower of The House of Celebrities and often comments against Jorge.

Elan replied: “Dude, get yourself another hobby (a job maybe) and let us enjoy a show that is clearly a GAME, you tremendous piece of genius.”

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In another comment in favor of Jorge Losa, a user wrote: “Jorge has already won. Hate him or love him, he will always be in his favor, because if you hate him, he will be in your mind and if you love him, he will be in your heart. You very well my George!”

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