Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo will be treated by the doctors who saved Toño Mauri

Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo is in the hands of doctors who helped Toño Mauri

After Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo stated that he is on the waiting list for a lung transplant, it was Toño Mauri who spoke about the actor’s health in a newspaper with national circulation and assured that it is in the hands of the doctors who They took care of him when he was seriously ill.

Let us remember that the producer was very convalescing due to the aftermath of Covid-19, a fact for which he found himself in need of a double lung transplant, since his life was in danger.

Therefore, Toño knows very well the situation that Jorge is going through; However, he is confident that everything will be fine, as the doctors who treated him are taking care of him. “He is very encouraged and excited because things are going well, what I told him is that he is in the best hands, to look at me,” he said.

Likewise, Mauri confirmed that he has been close to Ortiz de Pinedo and assured that he needs a lot of “faith” to face this situation.

“We talk a lot, I see it with strength and with the faith that it needs to face that,” he asserted.

Currently, Toño Mauri is succeeding in the series ‘Mariachis’ after risking his life.

“Because I have smoked for 47 years of my life, I have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),” Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo assured the journalist Matilde Obregón. The health picture is not encouraging, because due to COPD he has assured that he is doomed to die of suffocation, in fact when he speaks you can hear his difficulty breathing.