Jorge Salinas has already recognized his daughter with Andrea Noli and she thanks Elizabeth Álvarez

After years of back and forth, statements and omissions, finally time put everything in its place for Jorge Salinas to approach and publicly recognize Valentina, the daughter he had with Andrea Noli.

“I am aware of the 6. They are all my children. I am the only father. All the children have a different mother, I am the only father of 6 children and I am always on the lookout”, were the words of the actor before the press.

So Andrea Noli confirmed that they have communication for the good of the teenager. “What he declared, that we are already in contact, is true, so far I can only tell you. I thank you very much and I know that your interest is genuine for my daughter, because we all want this page to be turned around, and I think we already started with a very good first step”.

The actress takes things in moderation, in addition to not wanting to give many details out of respect for the girl she raised alone. “To begin with, she is a minor, although she is already 16, it is her private life and it is a very sensitive issue. What do you think if we wait for this process to progress a little more and then, of course, we will share it with you ?”.

Given this situation, and without mentioning the name of the actress, Andrea Noli acknowledged that Elizabeth Álvarez was a key player in the father-daughter meeting. He commented to the press: “I have only received reason from her in a very beautiful expression of wanting to unite us all, she is someone for the family. I think it is great and very lucky, for him, to have a woman like her by his side” .

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This communication door now allows Jorge Salinas to send good vibes to his daughter’s mother, who is premiering a new play called ‘Autopsia’. “I wish him much success and all the best, for the good of the children, especially that the mothers are well, the mother is the soul of the family,” said the heartthrob.

In this regard, Andrea Noli also reacted: “I am very pleased that the messages that we send each other, through you (press), are increasingly positive. We hope that this inertia continues like this.”

How many children does Jorge Salinas have?

In his marriage of more than a decade with Elizabeth Álvarez, the actor had the twins Máxima and León. With Adriana Cataño he had Gabriella, the oldest. Then the twins Jorge and Santiago were born, from his relationship with Fátima Boggio and in 2006 Valentina, the daughter with Andrea Noli, was born.

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