José Eduardo has not yet become a father and he has already made a big mistake: what happened

José Eduardo Derbez and Paola Dalay will become parents in a few months.


José Eduardo Derbezrenowned actor and son of famous people Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffohas been in the spotlight recently for a rather peculiar mistake.

José Eduardo Derbez proves to be a first-time father

A few weeks ago, José Eduardo and his girlfriend, Paola Dalay, They announced that they were expecting a baby. However, in days gone by, The future father made a mistake that cost him dearly: he mistakenly bought 2,400 diapers stage one.

In a video shared on social networks, Paola showed a series of boxes with Huggies Suprime brand diapers. “The first-time dad just bought 2,400 diapers”said Paola, while showing Jose Eduardo standing next to the boxes with a serious and worried face.


José Eduardo Derbez and Paola Dalay are preparing to welcome a new member into their family.


When asked what he had to say about his mistake, José Eduardo responded: “It was by mistake, I didn’t calculate it.” This miscalculation resulted in a excessive amount of diapers.

The publication went viral on the networks and caused all kinds of reactions. Many made fun of the situation he went through. “the first-time father”, José Eduardo Derbez.

“The stage 1 ones, they only use them for like 3 weeks hahaha”, “Returns are not accepted”, “Minimum of different sizes José Eduardo”, “oops! They’re going to be missing hahahaha, as newborns they take up a lot of diapers. Maybe not so many but I don’t think there will be many left over.”

@ruffoqueen.edits HAHAHAHAHA new dad stuff. #joseeduardoderbez #humor #victoriaruffo #Viral #fyp #joseeduardoderbez ♬ Hier Encore Sad Vibes Trap – Novia Nisa

However, others They worried about the excess of diapers, because they fear that they will be wasted. Therefore, they began to suggest to the actor that he please donate them or return them to Amazon.

“Amazon accepts returns”, “Donation please”, “donate in public hospitals”, “They are from the same stage, please donate them”, “Donate them José Eduardo”.

José Eduardo Derbez, although he has not yet become a father, has already made a mistake as a new dad. Will the actor donate the diapers? Or what will he do with them?

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