José Emilio explodes against Talina Fernández and Pirru over the inheritance of Mariana Levy, his mother

José Emilio assured that the dispute over Mariana Levy’s inheritance has not come to an end.


José Emilio, one of the sons of Mariana Levyaccused his family, including Talina Fernández and El Pirru, of “getting their hands” on his mother’s inheritance, so until now neither he nor his sister have obtained their share of the money.

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José Emilio explodes against Talina Fernández and Pirru over the inheritance of Mariana Levy, his mother

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The inheritance of Mariana Levywho died in April 2005, has been a controversial topic in Talina Fernández’s family for several years, and although the money that the actress left her children María, Paula and José Emilio It should have been distributed a long time ago, the truth is that this has not happened.

In recent months, the distribution of the inheritance has been a thorny issue within this famous family; Now, José Emilio spoke again about this matter and accused that, if he has not received the money that corresponds to him, it is because several people have “put their hand” in the legal process; between them, Talina Fernandez and the Pirru.


It was through an interview broadcast by the program First hand that José Emilio acknowledged that he has not yet received part of the money corresponding to the inheritance that Mariana Levy left him and his two sisters because his entire family has hindered the process in various ways.

“Unfortunately this heritage has always been touched and moved, made and unmade around the world”

In addition to pointing out Talina Fernández and Pirru on the list of those responsible for the disagreement, José Emilio also pointed outaccepted that there are disagreements between him and his sister Paula with María, Mariana’s eldest daughter who was left as his only heir because, when Levy filed for his life insurance, He only named his eldest daughter as the beneficiary.

Jose Emilio clarified that although The process was not to cause harm to him and his sisters, it has delayed everything because the whole family, including his father and his famous grandmother, wanted to ddecide on the inheritance without agreeing.

“Unfortunately this inheritance has always been touched and moved, done and undone by everyone, not just by the heirs, no; my father at his time, my grandmother at his time,” said José Emilio.


Mariana Levy, the only daughter of Talina Fernández who became a popular soap opera actress, He died suddenly on April 29, 2005, on the eve of the Children’s Day celebrations.

That day, Mariana Levy and her husband, José María Fernández “El Pirru”, were heading to Six Flags to celebrate Children’s Day with his daughter María and some friends.

However, at the intersection of the Ural Mountains and Prado Sur, a stop stopped the family; It was then that they saw that some armed men were robbing cars that were near themwhich unleashed the panic in Mariana Levy.

The actress did not hesitate to get out of the vehicle to seek help and went to a police officer; However, upon her return, Mariana Levy suffered a sudden heart attack that took her life instantly.