“José José would die again” … José Joel is criticized for his show as an entertainer

José Joel began his singing career at a young age but nothing like his father, the late José José. Although they support him for years on stage, the public is severe when they hear him sing hits from the Prince of Song.

This is how it happened in recent days, with videos that went viral on social networks where Anel Noreña’s son is seen entertaining a party.

José Joel appears animated on the dance floor while the guests watch him from their seats. With Latin rhythms, he is heard playing hits by his late father, but he doesn’t sound like him at all.

As if that were not enough, José Joel’s way of dancing caused questions about whether he was in an inconvenient state due to alcohol.

The reviews are overwhelming. “The net has to be rolling in his grave my adoring prince, how ugly that nobody tells him he has no talent, clinging to being like his dad”, wrote one person. Others wrote: “Not even in karaoke do they sing so ugly” ; “If José José sees it, he dies again, with all due respect, José Joel does not sing anything.”

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