José Manuel Figueroa responds to Alicia Machado’s accusations of having hit her

Alicia Machado revealed that she was attacked by José Manuel Figueroa.

Alicia Machado revealed that her ex-boyfriend, José Manuel Figueroa, hit her when they were dating 17 years ago.

Alice Machado He made strong accusations against his ex-partner, Jose Manuel Figueroaof having hit her when they were dating.

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“That person… Yes, José Manuel Figueroa is an exaggeratedly violent guy. They had never raised their hand to me in my life, ever. “The man who physically and mentally beats and violates a woman is an illness, he is the one who is sick, it is not you.”

“The man who hits a woman in that way has two great problems in his being: a great inferiority complex, because he cannot be equally bad… with another man, with another male, and they are homosexual, but for “They can’t, their way of getting out that hatred towards that feminine energy is to attack it,” commented the Venezuelan actress in the reality show. ‘Secrets of the indomitable’.

Likewise, the former Miss Universe indicated that Joan Sebastian’s son threatened to kill her.

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“Suddenly, the guy, who also has a hand this size, from a man of this size, turns around and slaps me, but out of nowhere. I have never understood how that guy is not in prison. “This guy comes on top of me and starts kicking me, on the ground, with a boot this size.”

“I had never talked about this, but it’s worth it, mother. Because how many more times are you going to threaten to kill me? The first thing he did was threaten me, he called me and told me: ‘I’m going to have you taken out of Mexico, I’m going to have your residency taken away, I’m going to have you deported,'” the 46-year-old presenter also recalled.

A few moments ago, José Manuel Figueroa, 48, responded to his ex-partner’s strong accusations.

“He never (hit her), they are fantasies, Alicia is Alicia, it is her way of being. If she has witnesses that she is going to report, instead of using this platform as a banner for a violated woman to promote a reality show, that is the sad thing.”

“Her (Alicia Machado’s) birthday was approaching, we started planning her birthday in Cuernavaca, a surprise party. She thinks she was talking to a woman, we started arguing, we broke the cake, the mariachi was playing and I told her that this relationship is over. She continued the party, the next morning, I told her that she no longer had anything to do at my house. She got very upset, she hit me, she grabbed a knife, she destroyed two or three things, her people came and took her away,” commented José Manuel in an interview on ‘Everything for Women’.

The singer also pointed out that his ex-partner threatened to kill him during a complicated period that he was going through due to the murder of his brother, Figueroa Wheat.

“She threatened to kill me, very close to that time they had killed Valentín Elizalde, and she was very clear about the situation that had happened with Trigo, and both situations hurt me, she threatened me, time passed, then I found out that she had a relationship with a highly dangerous person with whom he had a child,” he added.