José Manuel Figueroa reveals why he was fighting with Maribel Guardia

Yes, there was a rift between José Manuel Figueroa and Maribel Guardia… but there was also a lot of speculation.


The relationship between Jose Manuel Figueroa, son of Joan Sebastian, and Maribel Guardia improved after the unfortunate death of Julián Figueroa, which occurred on April 9; yet for years both remained distanced without any of them clarifying what had happened… at least until a while ago.

It was the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda who revived an interview that José Manuel Figueroa gave her and in which He talks about the annoyance he felt with Maribel Guardia after the death of Joan Sebastian, fact that apparently unleashed friction between the two. Find out about his statements about this conflict.


In a video shared on the YouTube channel of Mara Patricia Castañeda an interview that the journalist had with José Manuel Figueroa in 2019 is revived, four years after the death of Joan Sebastian; in those years, the son of the musician and Maribel Guardia they had a complicated relationship, and although she always denied that there were problems, in that talk José Manuel Figueroa spoke in more detail on the subject.

“You start talking to the girls and boys, and suddenly the husband of… arrives to see how the situation is going to move as a lawyer”

According to José Manuel Figueroa, the trouble came after Maribel Guardia and her partner, Marco Chacón, appear in a recording studio where every Wednesday all of Joan Sebastian’s children gather just to talk about the inheritancea gesture that displeased him.

“You start talking to the girls and boys: ‘How are they feeling? How are they doing?

All the legal problems unleashed by the division of Joan Sebastian’s assets, Although they distanced Maribel Guardia and José Manuel Figueroa, they did not generate the large-scale conflict that many media outlets speculated about, either. especially after an event that Maribel also attended and from which José Manuel withdrew… although for different reasons.

“It’s a lie, it’s totally a lie. At the end of the day, that lady is a very intelligent woman, she knows how to handle the media (…) they handled that situation to throw the kick but, the truth, nothing to do with it, ”she assured.