Josemaría Torre is single and confesses that now he prefers professional women

What a surprise we got when talking with Josemaría Torre, who confessed to us that despite having dated very beautiful women, at this moment in his life he is single! Of course, the actor shared with TVyNovelas that he is not closed to love, but for now he is focused on the second installment of Corona de Tears, whose story is already being cooked in the Factory of Dreams.

How nice to see you back on Televisa! Yes, soap operas are part of my life and my career, and I am very happy to be here once again; (Crown of tears) is a project that we have fought for a long time, and we are happy that it has come true, that we have seen each other again. Sharing the forum with my colleagues will be amazing!

What turn will your character have in this second part of the story? I think it’s going to be the dark side of the brothers, and that fills me with emotion because these types of characters, who are a little more gandal, are very funny; In a few days they are going to drop us some chapters and we will begin to read what happens with each character.

The truth is that the years do not pass through you, we see you the same since the premiere of Corona de Tears, in 2012 … What can I say to you, I’m doing well and I take good care of myself, I’m a very healthy guy who exercises; Besides, this is how this career is, you have to look good, and I have a lot of love for my job and my profession.

Speaking of love, how are you currently doing in that regard? I am single, I ended a relationship of many years a little while ago, and at this moment I am focused on all the projects I do, because I am quite restless, apart from acting I do many things, I have projects for restaurants, bars and the brand. of clothes, among others.

What you want in a woman? Well, I like authentic people, women who add stories in the couple, who are professionals; furthermore, I think it is important to have that complicity that is becoming increasingly difficult in this little world (of the artistic medium). It is not easy to have a solid partner, that’s why I have moved away from having partners in the middle.

So, would you no longer have a romantic relationship with a famous person? I think it would be wrong to say no, but it’s not really something I’m looking for; If it happens and I connect with someone, I am open, but I consider it cool to keep your life private, so I have kept it in recent years. After having a couple of very media relationships, the truth is that you do fight to be as calm as possible.

Would you like to be a dad? Yes, I have it on the map, I think that when the time is right it will happen, but as you know, I come from an incredible and large family, I have 24 nephews and number 25 is on the way, so, I have no pressure, my brothers have fulfilled with filling ourselves with nephews and children.