Josep Borrell recognized that it is impossible for the European Union to maintain a relationship of trust with China if it does not help to stop the war in Ukraine

Josep Borrell (Olivier Matthys/Pool via REUTERS/File) (POOL/)

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrellappealed to the “responsibility” of China to “bring reason” to Russia and tells it that “it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible” that the EU maintain a “trust relationship” with Beijing if it does not help to seek a political solution based on the Russian withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine.

It is one of the messages that Borrell had planned to reel off in the speech that he was going to give this Friday in Beijing at the Center for China and Globalization and that he publishes on his blog, “A window to the world”, having had to cancel his trip for testing positive for COVID-19.

It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the European Union to maintain a relationship of trust with China.which I would like to see, if China does not contribute to the search for a political solution based on Russia’s withdrawal from Ukrainian territory,” Borrell writes in his text, urging China to “take responsibility and help Russia come to its senses”.

Russia, continues the head of European diplomacy, “has seriously damaged the international order“with a war that I thought was going to be”flash of lightning” and “has failed“, that’s why tries to “engage” China on its sidebut Beijing has “important responsibilities” due to its membership of the UN Security Council and in the face of this “violation of international law” neutrality “is not credible,” Borrell tells the Chinese authorities.

Borrell appealed to China's
Borrell appealed to China’s “responsibility” to “bring reason” to Russia (Sputnik/Pavel Byrkin/Kremlin via Reuters) (Sputnik/)

Neutrality in the face of violation of international law is not credible. We do not ask anyone to align with our own position. Simply we ask to admit and acknowledge that in this case there was a serious violation of international law. That is why I think it would be useful for (Chinese) President Xi (Jinpyng) to speak with (Ukrainian, Volodinir) President Zelenskyy,” he stated.

In the opinion of the Spanish politician, China can play a mediating role in this conflict as it has recently performed “in the Middle East by facilitating the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.”

Europe defends Ukraine and prepares to one day welcome it into its family. But today, Europe’s security is also at stake in Ukraine. That is why we will continue to support Ukraine in every way imaginable: military, financial, political, diplomatic and humanitarian, ”Borrell explains in his speech.

And he stresses that the EU’s support for Ukraine “is not in any way the expression of a form of loyalty or submission to another great power, as I hear some say, but the expression of our own will. Please understand this. It’s our own destiny that we’re fighting for”, says Borrell when responding to criticism that the EU would be acting at the dictates of the United States.

The high representative had planned to start an official trip to the Asian country yesterday Thursday until tomorrow Saturday to meet, among others, with the Minister of National Security of China, li shang fuand with the Foreign Minister, qin gangas well as with civil society organizations.

Borrell’s trip to China was to take place after the visit made last week by the French president, Emmanuel Macronand the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenwho also called on Xi, in a joint meeting, to intercede with Russia for peace in Ukraine and to speak with Zelensky, just as he does with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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