Joy in Senegal: Three newly discovered lion cubs give hope to environmentalists

The images of three lion cubs playing in the southeast Senegal have not taken long to tour the world in what was a clear sign of hope in regards to the conservation of the species.

The three puppies were captured together with their mother in it Niokolo-Koba National Park last February thanks to an automatic camera installed between the plants. In the video you can see the four mammals around a corpse of another animal and, precisely, the mother lioness Florence -about ten years old- poking through the meat.

The three cubs hovered around her as they tried to imitate her, testing their claws and fangs, and even climbing up her hind legs.

The recording brought great happiness to the experts who have spent years trying to increase the number of the species (Panthera / DPN / Everatt)

This innocent image represented for Pantheraan American organization dedicated to the conservation of cats in the world and their ecosystems, “a sign of the recovery of the lion population in West Africa”.

The recording brought them, on the other hand, peace of mind about the welfare of the elder lioness since they suspected that, after giving birth some time ago, she had been poached. Her GPS collar stopped working and experts were unable to access her geolocation data.

As for the fourth animal, which was lying injured on the ground, it allowed the experts to notice its injuries and attend to it moments later. As they explained after examining him, the injuries would have been caused by the quills of a porcupine.

Since 2011, the entity has been working alongside the Senegalese authorities in pursuit of the conservation of the National Park and the preservation of the species that live there.

senegal lions
Until a few years ago, there were only ten or fifteen of these lions in the National Park (Pexels)

One of its main fights is that of the lions, which until not so long ago, were only about ten or fifteen in this space. However, thanks to these efforts, which included the pursuit of poachers and investigations by local scientists, today the NGO is proud to ensure that there are almost thirty lions there.

The west african lions they are highly revered in Senegal, to the point that they appear in its national anthem. This species, characteristic for its narrow mane and genetically distinct from African and Asian subspeciesis one of the main victims of poaching and habitat disappearance, as well as other rarer but real factors such as major global events and disasters.

For example, in the context of the war that Russia launched in the Ukraine a little over a year ago, a metal magnate from New York assigned $50,000 for him rescue of four lion cubs of the invaded country.

These developments have led, throughout the world, to remain among 120 and 380 copiesaccording to Panthera records.

senegal lions
In the coming years it is expected to reach 100 lions in Senegal (Pexels)

Continuing with their initiative, in the national park they hope that their measures will continue to bear fruit and, thus, be able to count on a population of about fifty lions for 2025 And till 100 for 2030.

These animals live in the Niokolo-Koba along with wild dogs, spotted hyenas, western giant antelopes, and western hartebeests.

(With information from AFP)

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