Juan Gabriel’s son assures that he is the absolute owner of his father’s image: ‘This is how we are going to continue’

Iván Aguilera faces a scandal for alleged procedural fraud, although he assures that his lawyers are already working on it.


Last week, Juan Gabriel fans were surprised with a new song from the artist: “Mexico is everything”, as well as with the presentation of a new “Divo de Juárez” themed plane that promises offer a complete experience to passengers that they have the opportunity to fly in it.

In the midst of all these surprises Iván Aguilera, son and only heir of Juan Gabriel, offered an exclusive interview for TVyNovelas where, in addition to talking about these new projects, he talked about the legal problems you facesince a group of lawyers also sued him because they have not received payment for their services.

Iván Aguilera was in charge of clarifying some issues, although in others, such as the process that the lawyer Guillermo Pous recently opened against him, He decided not to speak out because his team of lawyers is taking care of themWhat did Juan Gabriel’s son say about the rights he has to his image, will they be lost?


One of the main concerns expressed during the interview was the use of Artificial Intelligence and the fact that Juan Gabriel’s voice is duly protected to prevent it from being misused through this controversial technology, an aspect in which Iván Aguilera was calm:


Iván Aguilera stated that, beyond the legal problems, he is the absolute owner of his father’s image.


“I know that with the rights on Virgin Music as his label he is safe (Juan Gabriel’s voice), but I don’t understand much of that; the legacy of John Gabriel It is designed not to counteract technology, but to work with it.“, he assured, making it clear that, beyond the legal problems, he is the absolute owner of his father’s image:

Until now, yes, I have the support of the record company regarding my dad’s work, and we are going to continue like this,” he remarked forcefully, while also giving his opinion on the hologram that was used with the face of Juan Gabriel:

Juan Gabriel In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

The use of Artificial Intelligence is worrying because Juan Gabriel’s voice and face can be replicated.

JC Olivera/Getty Images

“We did something important with that, and we have to work longer; It is also very hard to work with several artists to make tributes, you have to coordinate many agendas and calendars. I try to solve it, we want to make it bigger and remember it for Mexico,” she said.