Juan Soler revealed why he was absent from “Sale el sol”

The nationalized Mexican actor called not to neglect against influenza (Photo: File)

Juan Soler confirmed that he contracted influenza. The actor was absent from the program The sun comes out where it appears as part of the morning drivers. It was in that same broadcast that he confessed to having H1N1 influenza. “It is just as small as COVID, a little milder”Soler explained.

The actor and host isolated himself from the small screen when his health suffered a decline. Soler attended the doctor and there they gave him a positive test for influenza. “Look, we really wanted to get the COVID vaccination and we forgot about the flu”, the Mexican naturalized called not to neglect other diseases during the pandemic.

“We are surrounded,” Juan Soler jokingly commented, referring to the fact that coronavirus and H1N1 influenza infections are the order of the day. Precisely, the actor of productions such as The Mexican and the güero and Rent-A-husband came to confuse the symptoms and thought you had COVID-19.

However, Juan Soler stressed that in all the tests that have been carried out on television forums, he has tested negative for coronavirus. Despite the encouraging results, the actor did not hesitate for a moment to go to the doctor, as his pressure was still unstable.

Soler commented to his colleagues from The sun rises that his health has improved and his blood pressure remains at a good level. The nationalized actor was healthy before the interview. However, he stressed that will return to work until Monday, by protocols established by Imagen Televisión, string where it is emitted The sun rises.

Juan Soler
The actor has won the affection of viewers by being in iconic soap operas such as “Queen of hearts” (Photo: File)

As experienced by the soap opera star, some of the symptoms of H1N1 flu are headache and joint pain. Unlike the coronavirus, Soler stressed that he did not lose taste or smell.

“I prefer to treat myself and go quickly to the doctor. Listen to the doctor, listen to the symptoms. It is something that we should all do. Rather than feeling fear, the fact of responsibility enables me, you have to do what you should do ”, recognized Juan Soler.

In the same way, he noted that he completely isolated himself from his relatives. He mentioned that his daughters keep track of his health, but he is prohibited from attending his apartment. Alex Kaffie, columnist and also host of The sun comes out he applauded Soler’s responsibility as he pulled away. In this way, He was able to prevent the morning from adding more H1N1 influenza infections.

Maki and Juan Soler
Maki and Juan Soler were married from 2003 to 2018 (Photo: Instagram / @ makyta_itsok)

The actor Juan Soler was about to undertake a theatrical tour throughout the United States. “It was a very important commitment. It was El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas and I couldn’t attend ”he added. He also had to cancel some lectures that he was going to give. “It hurt a lot to lose it,” he concluded.

Juan Soler joked about how he got sick when he said he kissed Luz María Zetina, colleague in The sun rises. “No, I really don’t know. I consulted with my doctor and he said it could be anytime, anywhere. Someone spoke near you, perhaps, perhaps while buying something, “replied the actor about the reason for his infection.

(Photo: @ saleelsoltv / Instagram)
“Sale el sol” has stood out in the morning for its show sections (Photo: @ saleelsoltv / Instagram)

“Fortunately no one on the team, or on the channel, was affected. The only person responsible was me ”, Soler was relieved of being the only one detected with influenza in his work and personal circles.

Repeatedly, Juan Soler called not to put aside the flu due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “We are totally distracted with the issue of COVID, but we must also pay attention to the issue of influenza, because it does hit and it does hurt”, he finished.

Currently, Juan Soler is part of the list of regular conductors of The sun rises. The Argentine-born actor shares the screen with Alex Kaffie, Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Carlos Arenas. He promised to return to the broadcast next Monday.


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