Juanes celebrates on TikTok the 20 years of the iconic album Un Día Normal

Juanes on TikTok

On May 21, 2002 the album was released A normal day from the singer Juanes, which came to be for 92 consecutive weeks in the Top-10 of the Billboard Latin Albums chart. The album was also the winner of 6 Latin Grammys in addition to becoming the number 1 Spanish album in sales and diffusion in 2003.

As part of the 20th anniversary of the release of this successful album, several users have been dancing to the rhythm of its popular songs such as I ask God, I fall in love, to see you again and many other hits.

In TikTok many videos can be found in honor of this anniversary by entering the search engine #Undianormal #Juanes or the name of one of the hits. Also, it is possible to be part of the celebration by generating content. For that you can record a video and perform, either singing or dancing, some of the musician’s hits.


Juanes A Normal Day

♬ dance(256762) – TimTaj

Without a doubt, one of the most polar clips on TikTok related to this anniversary is the cover recorded by the American musician Drake Bell. The artist performed one of the Colombian singer’s greatest hits Black shirt.

Bell begins his interpretation by saying that he decided to record the song because they tell him that he sings like Juanes. After a few seconds in which her guitar solo plays, she then begins to sing the lyrics of the song in perfect Spanish. That video added more than 3.2 million likes.

Jared Drake Bell was born in Santa Ana, California on June 27, 1986. In 2005 he released his first independent album, Telegraph. The second came a year later and was called It’s Only Time. It debuted at number 81 on the Billboard 200, with over 23,000 copies sold during the first week.

The musician is also an actor. He started acting in the 90’s in different sitcoms. He became especially known among the youngest for his role as Drake Parker in the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh.

@Drake Bell

I really like this song by @Juanes 🎸 #drakebell #drakecampana #juanes

♬ The Black Shirt – Juanes

TikTok it is a platform that allows musicians to amplify their reach. Juanes joined said social network at the end of January 2017, and now has more than 827,000 followers on the platform and accumulates more than 2.2 million likes.

When you enter your account, just below your profile name you can see a disk icon and the text: “Today is a normal day but I’m going to make it intense” which is the first sentence of the song that gives the album its name. who turns 20.

On his profile, the artist uploads videos where he is seen singing, answering questions in interviews, or sending greetings to his followers.

He also shares concert content as well as other information for his fans. Among the most recent clips, the launch, 20 years ago, of the song I ask God, one of the most successful songs on the album A Normal Day, stands out.


20 years ago today I came out TO GOD I ASK. I never imagined the joys that this song that was born from a sincere feeling would bring me 🙏🏻

♬ original sound – Juanes

I pray to God, which was the first single from the album, reached 47 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks list; and in Colombia, the topic was in first place for four months.

Juanes is the artistic name of Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez, who was born in Medellín, Colombia, on August 9, 1972. He is a singer, songwriter and musician of Latin pop and rock in Spanish.

In his extensive career he sold more than 16 million records worldwide and won 26 Latin Grammys. This is the highest record achieved by a Colombian singer.


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