Juanpa Zurita apologizes to his girlfriend with an Ed Sheeran serenade

Advantages of being Juanpa Zurita: when you fight with your girlfriend, you can write to your friend Ed Sheeran for a serenade and reconciliation.

The Mexican actor and influencer shared a comic Tik Tok in which he shows how he fought with his girlfriend and how much the break up affected him. “It was very hard for me and I did not know what to do,” reads the video, where you can also see Juanpa living his drama and with a glass of wine.

In just a minute, the Tik Tok tells the story of how Zurita contacted Ed Sheeran: “Hey bro, notice I argued with my girlfriend. I’m sad, do you raffle to come and sing some songs? ”

The British singer accepts and together they appear at the door of the apartment of the girlfriend of Juanpa. But when she opens up and realizes that Ed he is with his guitar singing ‘Kiss you’ what he does is remove Zurita and pull Sheeran towards his apartment.

The video went viral with comments that followed the Tik Tok prank: some ask him how to get Ed Sheran to their inn and others lament that he ended up robbing the bride.

Besides this Tik Tok, Juanpa Zurita Y Ed Sheeran They made another comedy video for Instagram, in which they accidentally collide. The singer claims him while in the mind of the Mexican actor a discussion begins between the different Juanpas: one says to ask for an autograph, another recommends that he tell him that he loves him.

Both videos have gone viral on social networks, in which they ask Juanpa Zurita for romantic advice.