Juanpa Zurita, Calle and Poché, premiere these new podcasts on Spotify

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Spotify It is no longer only used to listen to music, since it has had an exponential growth in podcastso the platform tries to launch original content of this type as are the premiere of Don’t do the easy from the hand of Juanpa Zurita and other podcasts from famous content creators in the region.

From this day you can enjoy the new Spotify original podcasts with Juanpa Zurita in Don’t Do the Easy and February 28 Bilateral with Calle and Poche.

for those who seek motivate yourself with stories of dancers, singers, athletes, sportsmen and many other amazing people who have managed to fulfill their dreams, they will not be able to stop listening to Nor Do the Easy, of the actor Juanpa Zurita, who as of this February 22, every Tuesday will carry a different story. For this first chapter, her special guest was Danna Paola.

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“We know about people’s achievements but hardly ever about their failures… and that’s where the real lessons are. Don’t do the easy search share that behind every successful person there is a road paved with failures”, says Juanpa Zurita.

Who prefer to give give a jump to a world where they can learn about sexuality, relationships, and at the same time, listen to a debate about emotions. Bilateral of the Colombians Street and Poche, it will become the weekly favorite podcast; It will be available from February 28.

But also the original podcasts will follow that are already available from Luisito communicates with disturbing hour, Pau Zurita with Adventures for the Soul, and for the youngest The Reu with Ivanna Pérez, Daniela Treco, Diego Granados and Bran Flores. All of them have already become podcasters who are here to stay on Spotify.

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More about premiere podcasts

Bilateral with Calle and Poché (from February 28)

How can they agree when your partner wants a house and you want to move out of the country? Or what happens when the dilemma is whether to get married or have an open relationship? Accompany Calle and Poché to discover how intense a debate between these two can be and, at the same time, learn to have a point of view on how to manage and make life decisions, and thus reach a mutual agreement.”

don’t do the easy thing with Juanpa Zurita (already available)

Through a series of talks with different special guests, Juanpa Zurita will seek to empower a generation that needs more stories that confirm that you can succeed in Latin America; in this podcast you will be able to listen to an honest talk that will inspire you and arouse your curiosity about what can happen if you don’t do the easy thing.”

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The disturbing hour with Luisito Comunica (already available)

“In each episode, Luisito Comunica narrates paranormal and otherworldly experiences at the hands of experts and witnesses who will give us all the information so that our minds can generate a vivid image of each event. Serial killers, ghost experiences, possessions, conspiracy theories, alien sightings, are just some of the topics you will be able to listen to.”

Adventures for the Soul (Now available)

Pau Zurita, Waldemar Franco and Santiago de la Parra will talk with guests who have managed to carry out adventures almost impossible to imagine and thus inspire people to move, find balance with the land and use adventure and nature as catalysts for a deep transformation.

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The Reu (Now available)

“Ivanna Pérez, Bran Flores, Diego Granados and Treco meet to introduce themselves and give their opinion about the world they live in. The Reu is a podcast where there are casual talks with anecdotes, storytimes, and opinions about trends in the world of influencers, fashion, music, and celebrities.”

Currently, Spotify is the global service of largest streaming music subscription in the world, with a community of more than 406 million active users, including 180 million Spotify Premium subscribers, in 184 markets.


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