Judge prohibits ‘Ventaneando’ from transmitting information about Daniela Spanic and her daughter

An official letter from the Judiciary of Mexico City, addressed to the Ministry of the Interior, confirms that Daniela Spanic was the complainant against Pati Chapoy

Last Friday, March 17, the journalist Arturo Ángel announced, through his Twitter account, that Pati Chapoy and part of the team of drivers of ‘Ventaneando’ had filed an amparo claim before a federal judge in response to an order of arrest for 36 hours turned against him.

The fact was verified through the list of agreements of the Federal Judicial Council, which is of a public nature; in it, the names of Patricia Chapoy Acevedo and Daniel Bisogno can be seen.

It was also observed that the Twelfth District Judge of Amparo in criminal matters admitted the measure submitted for processing, while granting a provisional suspension.

For their part, the presenters involved omitted to talk about the process during the day’s television broadcast, arguing that they lacked time.

It was not until Monday, March 20, that the members of “Ventaneando” clarified what had happened, within the flexibility that the current legal process allowed them.

They pointed out the measure filed as unfair, in addition, they described it as an attempted violation of freedom of expression and journalistic practice. Finally, they indicated that it is a provision that prohibits the presentation of information on “a particular topic”, without revealing what it is about and who is behind the arrest request.

Over the weekend, an official letter from the Judiciary of Mexico City, identified with the number UGJ5/7634-AA/2023, linked to judicial folder 005/0123/, was leaked through social networks and the media. 2023, in which Pati Chapoy, Daniel Bisogno, Pedro Sola, Ricardo Manjarrez and Antonio Ademar Nahum Zacarías, ex-husband of Daniela Spanic, sister of actress Gaby Spanic, are mentioned.

This led to the assumption that the process came from one of the sisters, a fact that was confirmed this afternoon. The document expressly records that a control judge of the accusatory Criminal Procedure System prohibited Ventaneando and TV Azteca from transmitting images or information about Daniela Spanic Utrera and her daughter, a minor she had with Ademar Nahum.

The foregoing due to the ongoing legal process that the former couple is facing, the investigation folder of the case was consigned by the Public Ministry and it was at that moment that a protection measure was ordered in favor of the actress: the cessation of the broadcast of images that allude to her and her daughter.

The administrative sanction of arrest for 36 hours originated after a complaint of non-compliance with said prohibition by the drivers, while they processed the request for amparo by ensuring that they had not been notified of the measure and did not comply with it due to their ignorance. .