Julia Fox’s father and brother arrested

Police raided his New York apartment

Thomas and Chris Fox, the father and younger brother of Julia Fox, have been arrested after police raided their Upper East Side apartment as part of a larger investigation into illegal gun manufacturing in NY.

In the operation, an arsenal of pistols was seized, as well as pressure cookers, chloroform, heroin, propane, explosive materials, formaldehyde and $8,000 in cash.

It is believed that the celebrity was out of town at the time and there is no indication that she was aware of the criminal behavior of her relatives.

From her close circle, they assure that she is devastated by what happened, since she has always believed that Chris is a brilliant person who has never found a way to take advantage of his full potential.

In a 2019 interview, Julia Fox spoke of her brother, describing him as a “mad scientist” who lived in seclusion and built 3D printers for the fun of it, and sure enough, agents found 3D-printed mufflers in the house, along with high-capacity ammunition magazines and “ghost guns” without traceable serial numbers.

Chris has appeared in court in Manhattan and remains in custody on a series of charges related to the manufacture of illegal weapons. Initially, prosecutors requested a $750,000 bond, but the judge lowered it to $450,000 on the condition that his passport be confiscated.