Julián Álvarez’s confessions: what he took so as not to miss and the players who surprised him the most

Julian Alvarez He continues to make giant strides in his career. After shining at River Plate and earning a place in Lionel Scaloni’s consideration to defend the Argentina shirt, the native of Calchín became Manchester City’s big bet in the last transfer window.

After his first weeks as Citizenand before joining the United States tour of the National Team, the Spider recorded a video for the English club’s social networks in which he offered some confessions, such as what he took so as not to miss, the players who surprised him the most, his link with Pep Guardiola and how is the internal competition.

“I’m happy, a lot of people at the club have treated me well. Manchester seemed like a very nice, quiet city. I am with my family and little by little I got to know the city. What I have seen so far I have liked, ”began his story. Although she quickly added. “I brought the mate and alfajores. Those things. I didn’t know what I was going to find. A new world for me to come to Europe. He had only played with Argentina. They treated me well, that surprised me. I’m happy and comfortable.”

Álvarez revealed that his first internships at City were close to Rodri and Bernando Silva, as they both speak Spanish. “They helped me a lot. They guided me and gave me advice, they know the club”, he outlined. The other who closely followed his footsteps was coach Pep Guardiola: “During this time he helped me a lot in the adaptation, he gives me advice. He is always correcting me. And I am always available for what you want and learning things. I’m happy with how the entire coaching staff treated me.”

Pep Guardiola, awaiting Julián Álvarez

Regarding his sensations in training, he recounted which footballers were the ones that surprised him the most: “There are many players, they all play very well, with a lot of quality and hierarchy. The first days I told my family that I had been surprised by (İlkay) Gündoğan and Kevin (De Bruyne), by the controls and the movements in small spaces. Playing with the best players in the world, now at City and before with the National Team, you learn a lot, not only by watching, but also by sharing the field of play”.

“In all the teams there is internal, healthy competition. It’s always good to compete against the best in the world, the best in your position. You learn, you grow a lot. I’m here ready to give those things”, said Julián, who shares the offensive zone with footballers like Erling Haaland, Riyad Mahrez or Jack Grealish. “The main thing was to be up to the task, because I didn’t know what I was going to find. I want to be available to be an alternative and be able to help the team. And win all possible titles”, he concluded.

Other outstanding sentences by Julián Álvarez:

“There is a lot of hierarchy, it is more studied. They analyze the rivals a lot. But physically I felt good, I adapted quickly. In football too, it was difficult for me the first few days until I found out what it was like here”.

“I am personally happy because it was my first official match and my first goal. But the result made him bitter because we wanted to win to start the season well”.


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