Julián Gil’s advice to his fans after being diagnosed with skin cancer again

Julián Gil must follow a series of treatments to deal with skin cancer.


Julián Gil shared, through his social networks, important news about his health that caused a great impact among his followers.

The Argentine actor announced the news from a hospital stretcher and accompanied by his fiancee, Valeria Marín: Julián Gil was diagnosed with skin cancer for the second time, Therefore, he will undergo the necessary medical treatments.

In addition to announcing this sad news and detailing that he would undergo an operation to remove the affected tissue, Julián Gil sent a strong message to all his fans with one goal: call for caution to avoid skin cancer.


It was through his Instagram stories that yesterday, Tuesday, Julian Gil shared shocking news, while giving valuable advice to his fans:

“Now another one has appeared and that’s why I’m checking your entire body every six months.”

“Again with the oncology doctor, here my previous cancer. I had another appearance, so today they are going to have to operate again because the cancer came back; I have my nurse here (Valeria Marín). Do not sunbathe without protection“said the actor.

It was Julián Gil’s doctor who detailed a little more about How the actor was diagnosed with cancer again:

“As many years ago you were with a lot of sun exposure on the chest and you were in tanning bedswe detected skin cancer about two years ago and we have to keep an eye on you because It can occur due to so much solar radiation. Now another one has appeared and that’s why I’m checking your entire body every six months.because you have a high risk of developing a new skin cancer,” said the oncologist.

As you can see, excessive and careless use of tanning beds and prolonged exposure to the sun could have serious consequences for your health, so Julian Gil He considered it important to give this message.