Julio César Chávez Jr. confessed that he was in rehabilitation and how was his process

Recently, Chávez Jr. himself spoke about what happened when he isolated himself from the public sphere and from social networks (Photo: Instagram / @ jcchavezjr)

The son of the boxing legend, Julio César Chávez Junior, will return to the ring on December 18. He will resume his career after a long hiatus, as he was absent for a few months and there was much speculation about his personal situation.

Recently own Chávez Jr. talked about what happened the time that was isolated from the public sphere and social networks. Through a temporary Instagram story He confessed that he was in a rehabilitation clinic to treat addiction problems.

Even though his father Julio Cesar Chavez, said that his sons Omar and Julio were in retreat and denied that it was a clinic to treat addictions, Chávez Carrasco himself told what really happened.

Julio César Chávez Jr
The son of the boxing legend, Julio César Chávez Junior, will return to the ring on December 18 (Photo: Instagram / @ jcchavezjr)

Stressed that it was three months annexed and unable to see his children. its wife Frida Muñoz she was in charge of doing the process and registering it; took him to a rehabilitation center because Chávez Jr was consuming diet pills, so he was absent all that period without being able to see his family.

“I lasted three and a half months without seeing my son because I was in the clinic supposedly their mother put me in. I went to the clinic so that it would be well “

Regarding the type of pills he consumed, he clarified that they are not addictive and that they only serve to lose weight. He compared them to the phentermine, a substance that is used to suppress appetite and thus lose weight, which was positive for Oscar Valdez, featherweight champion, weeks before his title defense.

Julio César Chávez JR - Frida Muñoz
Frida Muñoz, wife of Chávez Jr, was the one who admitted the fighter to the clinic (Photo: Instagram / @ fridamuro)

I put some pills like the ones that came out (positive) Óscar Valdez, which are for lose weight. I don’t use anything else, but it was to save time, because I am an adult, I am telling you but they take advantage of it and they had me there and they took advantage of it, ”explained Julio César Chávez Jr.

He showed his annoyance at how his family reacted and the drastic measures they took to admit him to the clinic. When it was time to enter the center, no one from the boxer’s family approached and they dissociated themselves from the alleged relapse into addictions of the fighter.

“That’s why they put me in, but at the time of the hour everyone said they had nothing to do with it and I had to go out alone, they left me there”

He also spoke about his relationship in marriage and pointed out that the actions that his wife took were not to the liking of Chávez Jr. and how he was separated from his family. He narrated the situation his marriage is in and the care of his children and reproached the attitude of Frida muñoz. Although they were on the verge of divorce, Chávez Jr managed to reach an agreement, but his relationship with her still has some differences.

Julio César Chávez JR.  vs David Zegarra
David Zegarra will be Chávez Jr.’s new rival (Photo: Instagram / @ jdpromociones)

“I did it so that they would see that sometimes there are things that are not right. Sometimes she did not answer me, there is no information. They ask me if I would like to get a divorce and I would not because I have children, the main thing is my children. If he does not take care of my children, he does not take care of me, if he does what he wants, then there is no commitment ”, he stressed.

Julio César Chávez Jr’s personal life faces different ups and downs, but now his next goal is to return to the ring on Saturday, December 18 at the Palenque of the Cattle Fair of Culiacán, Sinaloa. It will be measured against David Panther Zegarra.

The Mexican boxer will seek to remedy his image after losing to Anderson Silva in the “Tribute to Kings.”


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