Julio Preciado announces his retirement

  • Singer Julio Preciado sets a date for his definitive retirement from the stage and reveals that it is out of respect for his audience

One of the greatest representatives of the regional genre is Julio Preciado, who shocked his fans by revealing the next date of his retirement, indicating that he made the drastic decision out of respect for his audience.

Although the singer is in perfect health and his career is going through a good moment, he confirmed that his definitive retirement from the stage and music is very close, a decision that he admits has not been easy to make.

In a recent interview for the Ventaneando program, Julio Preciado spoke about his next retirement, which will arrive in 2025.

Although Julio Preciado assures that his voice and health are in perfect condition, he made the decision to retire because he wants his audience to remember him at his best and out of respect, because he wants to give them a dignified farewell, without problems in his vocal capacity.

It should be noted that although Julio Preciado has faced health problems, he assures that he is currently in good condition, which is why he has great projects for 2024, the year in which he will begin to work on his retirement.