Julio Preciado celebrated 55 years and did not drink a drop of alcohol!

From January 2020 to date, Julio Preciado he had to undergo surgery six times for different “ailments”, as he calls them, a product of “having abused the machine a lot”. So now that he turned 55, on December 1, he asked his friend, Father Concepción Hernández, from La Guadalupana Parish, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, to officiate a mass of thanksgiving.

Later he offered a banquet to family and friends to share with them. What was most striking is that the King of the Band did not drink a drop of alcohol! As he promised two years ago when he underwent a kidney transplant.

Don Julio, happy birthday! Thank you! Today I want to thank God because it is a very special day for me … And not for turning 55, but for being alive. I know that’s because of him.

We know that you asked to celebrate a mass of thanksgiving… What did the priest tell you? He said such beautiful things that the truth brought tears to my eyes. I invited my family and loved ones, that was the most important thing! The people who were with me are the ones who love me the most, the ones who have been with me through the good times, the bad … and the worst!

Could you say that it was one of your most special birthdays? Without a doubt! Very different in all aspects. Two years ago I didn’t know if I was going to live; They were very difficult times to assimilate, there were a lot of emotions, a lot of uncertainty … But everything I went through was worth it, so I’m happy because I’m very pampered.

Did you make any special wishes? Material things are not important. I only asked God for health and to allow me to continue living and doing what I like: singing.

Did you have a drink to celebrate? No! Remember that I promised that I would no longer drink, and I have kept it; I have not tasted a drop for two years. There was wine at the party, but it was for people who wanted to celebrate with me, and I don’t mind if they drink while I don’t. It’s not my friends’ fault that I don’t drink!

What’s next for you? I’m going to the United States to continue with my presentations, which have made me very happy. I no longer depend on a chair; I can move on stage after all the pounds that I lost. And take care of myself and mine, because there is talk that a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections is coming, things are going to get difficult! So we all have to take care of ourselves so that it does not affect us in our jobs, in our homes and in anything.


As he had already told us, he is experiencing a new sound: “A new concept and a new challenge in my career,” he shared on his official Instagram account. The theme is This cowardice. It will be in early 2022 that he releases new duet singles with artists who he asked to let him sing their songs.