Julio Preciado confesses if he was reunited with Banda El Recodo for money

He was a vocalist for Banda El Recodo Cruz Lizárraga for only six years (1991-1997), and Julio Preciado made history with them. Later, everyone took their course, but there was one pending account: a reunion. This took place last week in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and marked the beginning of a tour of the interior of the Mexican Republic. There, TV and novels He talked with both parties, and they gave us their impressions of this historic moment in regional music.

What led you to accept this tour? First of all, friendship. We experienced many things together and I really wanted to relive everything I experienced with El Recodo.

The Lizárraga family showed him their friendship in the most difficult moments, when he got sick… I have no words to thank you. Love is shown in bed and in jail, and they showed it to me unconditionally.

It has been said that this tour was agreed to pay the Lizárraga family the money they lent for their operations… Not at all! It’s good that they touch on that point, because this tour had been planned for four years, but it couldn’t take place for two reasons: the first because of my health, and the second because of the pandemic.

Do you plan to record an album together? Not yet. What yes, is to record a song to upload it to networks and sing it on the tour that we are starting.

How did you feel on stage with the band that catapulted you to success? It was very exciting, but above all very gratifying to fulfill this dream. I’m not going to lie, there were a lot of mixed feelings, but what gives me the most satisfaction is that all the people who saw us won.

In addition, he connected with the new generations… That was very funny; Many people approached me because they didn’t know that I was the one who had recorded certain songs by Banda El Recodo. Others thought that the original version was from Grupo Firme, so I liked feeling the applause of the people.