Julión Álvarez and Alfredo Olivas concert: what are the dates and ticket costs?

‘Prófugos del annex’ is Julión Álvarez’s new tour with Alfredo Olvidas.


A few days ago, the singer Julian Alvarez In one of his concerts he took the opportunity and announced to his audience his new tour of Mexico. However, the news had a surprise, because the Julian You will have a companion during these presentations. This is your friend Alfredo Olivaswho will share the stage with Julian Alvarez in it ‘Annex fugitives‘tour 2024.

After the announcement, fans of both artists went crazy for the great collaborationsince they will be able to enjoy the show of both singers at the same time.

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What are the dates of the concerts?

So far they have only given three dates and these are in MontereyNew Lion.

  • February 15: Banorte Stadium in Monterrey
  • February 16: Banorte Stadium in Monterrey
  • February 17: Banorte Stadium in Monterrey

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning there was only one scheduled date, but due to the great acceptance of the public, the singers opened a second and third presentation. Unfortunately, if you wanted to go and enjoy the talent of these two great singers, you will no longer be able to, because All three dates are already sold out.. We just have to wait for them to open or announce more dates in Mexico.

What is the cost of the tickets?

As we already mentioned, Julian Alvarezthrough his official Instagram account shared that the entries for his first ones have already ended. three confirmed dates. “3/3 this is only possible thanks to you, we close the year with pure blessings. Grateful to each of you who were attentive to these first dates. Merry Christmas and our best wishes from the #ProfugosDelAnexo!” reads an image showing the sold out.

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However, we will share with you what is the price of these tickets:

  • VIP: $7,840
  • Diamond: $6,160
  • Premium: $5,600
  • Gold: $5,040
  • Silver: $3,920
  • Bronze: $2,800
  • Numbered: $2,020
  • East-West A and B: $1,680
  • East-West C, D and E: $1,350
  • East-West F, G, H, I: J: $900
  • North A, B, C, D, E, G, H: $680
The last:

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